Gong Chengming

Chief Engineer, Power Grid Dispatching & Control Branch, NARI Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Address: No. 20, Gaoxin Road, 210061, Nanjing, China

Phone: +86 25 83097514

Email: [email protected]


1998.9 - 2001.3, Nanjing Automation Research Institute, MEE

1994.9 - 1998.6, Nanjing University, BSc

Work Experience:

2001.4 - , NARI Technology Development Co. Ltd.

As Chief Engineer of the branch company (12-), in charge of international business and in assistant charge of R&D.

As Manager of Application Software (10-12) and International Projects (12-12)

As vice-manager (06-10 ), lead a team responding to the Customers’ requirements and researching new technologies in the field of advanced application, be responsible for the architect design of whole network analysis software and algorithm design for modeling, topology analysis and state estimation and keep thorough communication with other departments of platform, SCADA, CIM, WAMS, engineering etc.

As network analysis software engineer (03-04) and NAS development supervisor (04-06), participated in the research, design and development of the new generation of Energy Management System OPEN-3000 which has been deployed in many of the state-level, regional-level and provincial-level dispatch centers in China and abroad.

As software engineer or site manager, participated in EMS projects for Sudan National Electricity Corporation (08-, Site Manager), China Southern Grid (07-08, NAS manager), several provincial power companies (03-06) including Guangxi, Hainan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Ningxia, etc. and over 20 district-level electricity companies (01-04).

Personal interest focuses on the application of modern software technologies in the analysis and design of network analysis software, matrix computation, parallel/distributed computation and power system state estimation.

Prizes and Qualification:

Feb. 2010, IEEE-CS CSDP (Certified Software Development Professional)

Jan. 2007, Registered Senior Engineer on Power Electrical Engineering

Sept. 2004, 2nd Class Prize on the Progress of China Electrical Science and Technology

Main Recent Papers:

Gong Chengming, Implementation of Polar Form Algorithms with the Rectangular Form Complex Number. Accepted by 2010 IEEE PES General Meeting.

Gong Chengming, Gao Zonghe, Li Peng, Yu Yijun. Fast Decoupled AC-DC State Estimation. Power System Automation, 2007, 31(S):6-10

Gong Chengming, Feng Shuhai, Feng Yongqing, Liang Shouyu, Li Lei. Estimation of Branch Reactance Based on DC Power Flow Model. Power System Automation, 2007, 31(S):36-39

Chengming Gong, Shuhai Feng, Xianfeng Xu, Yuefeng Liang, Hongwei Du. A General Power System Topology Analysis Package and Its Applications. ICEE2006, July, 2006, YongPyong, Korea 

Gong Chengmig, Yu Yijun, Liang Xiaopeng. An Algorithm for Identifying the By-pass Operation Mode. Jiangsu Electrical Engineering, 2004, 23(4):10-12